Photos. So, I have been thinking that I haven't scrapbooked much all year long and that I should order photos off my computer to start.

I take a lot of photos. Well, probably anyone does now with digital cameras.  As I was looking through my prints to see what I haven't yet ordered I realized that I haven't ordered any this year.  And now, I must decide which to order and which to not order.

At some point I gave up and started choosing whole albums.  This came to approximately 5000 photos. I guess I'm not doing that.  So now to start over.

Anyone else have a similar experiene?
It's a warm day. Probably right around 68 or 70. The kids got out of school at lunch for Parent / Teacher Conference day. I of course thought it was tomorrow, but that's another blog post. I told them to play outside for a while since it was nice out.  After a few minutes Gabby came in and asked "Exactly how long do we have to play outside today?" I told her that it was a nice day and they could play outside as long as they wanted to. "Does that mean I can't come inside yet?" ....

I thought about pointing out the fact that some kids where we used to live are saying to their parents, "How long before we can play outside?" since they are still getting snow up there. But I figured she'd have something smart to say that I could not combat.
My alarm clock - aka my blackberry - suddenly changed it's alarm sound. I think I figured it out. You see, I took it's microSD yesterday for my eReader. Basically I only use my blackberry as an alarm clock and an mp3 player instead of a phone. I was slightly shocked when my early morning wake up song was now a very scary digital tone!
Well, either way, good morning ya'll! Drink some coffee with me and see where today leads!
Moving up! I have been researching eReaders for about 6 months now. I was even more confused than ever. Finally, I decided I just had to go out and touch and feel them and see which I liked the best and what my gut instinct was.
Well, I bought one finally. It was like stabbing my wallet with a knife!! However, with four of us in the house, I'm sure it'll be well worth it's money.  We all love to read.
I purchased the Nook Color. It was one of two in the running for what I wanted and the price points. The other was the Pandigital. In the end, I paid slightly more than the Pandigital but my gut told me that this is what I wanted.
Hey, who am I to argue?! 
I love spring~ I've always said it's my most favorite time of year. But not for the reason's everyone else say so. When I lived in Pennsylvania, I would wait for the moment that I could sit on my porch in the sun with my shoes off and a slight breeze blowing and read a book. It was the cleanest, freshest, warmest feeling in the world.

I love spring in the south too. It comes so much earlier. Enjoy your day everyone and think happy thoughts if you are buried in the snow up north!! Peace!
It's tuesday.  I've updated my blog and included the actual "blog" part area.  What a novel concept.

I think I'll get the hang of this blogging thing eventually. 
Well here it is.  I've started blogging about the funny things in life.  I'm pretty sure that things like this happen to just about everyone but nonetheless, I've acquired some pretty funny stuff through the years.

I've also learned and observed a lot of things. Some of them funny, some not so much.  Enjoy the posting and I'll see where this leads!


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